Many of our loved ones are suffering from cardiovascular disease, but still crave for taste and mouthfeel of meat. However, besides taste and nutrition, meat consumption is also linked to many health concerns such as heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, cancer and stroke.

Moreover, raising animals for food requires massive amounts of Earth’s resources such as land, food, energy and water and causes immense animal suffering and destruction of our planet.

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This is a critical moment for human & planet health. At notMEAT, we believe replacing animal meat with better vegetarian substitutes is a sure answer to the global concerns that arise due to the production of meat. Our goal is to develop healthy, protein-rich products that taste and feel like meat, thereby contributing to a healthier and sustainable food system. We do this by making scrumptious plant-based meat products in different liked forms such as keema, kebabs, burger patty, sausages and nuggets.

We are on a mission to develop healthy plant-based meat, not only to incorporate deliciousness, mouthfeel & sensory properties of meat but also to provide better nutrition than meat, cutting out its harmful effects. While doing this, we are also positively addressing major global issues like human health, depleted water resources, high carbon emission, animal welfare, global warming, and loss of biodiversity.

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We have a passion to develop mouthwatering food that tastes, smells, feels like, resembles, and substitutes meat to do good in the process to people and our mother Earth. And we ensure that the food we develop is absolutely delicious!

We believe that this is a better and sure way to take care of our future. With the positive decisions we all make, we can together greatly affect our own wellbeing and that of our planet. By moving from creature-based to plant-based meat, we all can decidedly affect worldwide issues like human wellbeing and environmental change.