If meat is unhealthy, what’s the alternative?

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

If meat is unhealthy, what’s the alternative?  - notmeat

That is a biggest question faced by people who are willing to change their eating habits for whatever reasons. These reasons can be different: Maybe you are facing some lifestyle disease like high blood pressure, diabetes, raised creatinine levels or just have a will to change for yourself by changing what you eat. But the query remains: Can I substitute meat with something equally delicious?

According to a research1 by James W Anderson, MD - University of Kentucky, USA ”studies support observations in the animal models suggesting that replacing animal protein for soy protein has the potential to reverse the nephropathy of diabetic individuals”, implying that the inclusion of soy protein has a relatively positive effect in case of kidney diseases but the benefits are not limited to just the kidneys. Studies show that replacing meat with plant-based meat can result in lower mortality rate and risk of chronic diseases. Soy has also been recognized as a rich source of protein. So, to answer that BIG question for you, some experts can point you towards a healthier option – Plant based meat with soy protein.

Soy? Well, that might not surprise you. Alternatives to animal protein have been there for centuries. For example, Tofu. Globally, food companies have processed mixtures of plant produce to replace the non-vegetarian food in the human food chain. But these products could not give the feel, taste and the entire experience of the non-vegetarian food that the converts to vegetarianism missed. So, that failed to satisfy the taste buds. This factor could lead to fall back too.

So, a new generation of plant-based meat alternatives (aka mock meat) aims to do just that-replicate the enjoyable experience of eating meat. Using soy as the base and then adding up some lentils or other plant produce and their juices, they have been able to mimic the same texture and flavor, while still retaining the nutrients. It can be difficult to differentiate the experience of eating some vegetarian meat products from that of eating meat.

To top it all, these alternatives are not just tasty but also healthy for humans as well as the environment.

So, those who want to switch from meat products can now enjoy without guilt!

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